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Yesterday was Pauline´s last day of her first year in a Danish school in Flensburg/North Germany.

… she found new friends, learned to read and write in Danish and German, she count plus and minus, drive with the public bus on her own, blow a bubblegum and jump backward with the skipping rope, borrow herself books in the school library, accept not being everytime the best, learnd to step and a round-off,  tell poems and jokes and fall in love with her school and her lovely teachers … it has been a great year…

… lille pige, vi er rigtig stolte af dig!

… and now we have summer holidays and we will go swimming, diving, camping, sailing …sleep late, have breakfast in bed, build a tree house … so that we nothing forget we write a  summer must do down

summer-must-do-list summer-must-do-list-2

  • train ride
  • swimming in the ozean
  • camping at the Ochseninseln
  • sailing
  • bicycle tour in the evening
  • breakfast in bed
  • built a tree house
  • surfing
  • eat icecream
  • laze
  • picknick on the beach
  • go in a zoo
  • visit Copenhagen
  • funny eating

+++ we wish you all a wonderful sunny summer