on the weekend


dinner 1

… our big girls stayed at the weekend at their grandma and Molly had an early night and so we two had a Saturday evening complete alone… only we, white wine and:

+++ scallops in saffron–yoghurt sauce (for 2 persons)

100g cream

100g Greek yoghurt

3 saffron threads

olive oil, butter, salt and pepper

6 scallops

Broil cream and yoghurt gently and put 3 saffrons thread besides. All reboil and take it off the the pot. 5 minutes steep. Flavor the scallops with a few salt and pepper and fry them in few olive oil from one side golden. After turn over put a little butter flake in the pan and add the sauce. Simmer the scallops for 5 minutes… season and serve with bread…

… absolut wonderful!