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Many even thought we were crazy to visit a big city with 3 young children… Stockholm is exactly the city should be seen through children´s eyes.The city  is full of children, strollers and families. I´ve really never seen so full courts, as in this city. Everyone is welcome, helpful and friendly. Above the impressive facades of the magnificent buildings and houses you can see and feel Karlson on the roof. We enjoyed our visit in Stockholm and most of the time we were walking and discover and there was much to discover: old big – re-surfaced- ships, parks with bears, wolves, moose, boat trips, castles, Pippi Longstocking very authentic and much much good cake, hot chocolate and delicious coffee… and then when it once was beaten at the lights who pushes the button first or pushing and shoving at the buffet and a lady will be picked while the fork in the bottom, or was asked for 175 umpteenth time when the Vasa has gone down and why, and how many people died at that, it was for Peter and me again time for kanelbulle, kaffe och öl…

… we come back, for sure! The next time in the summer.

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