Thank you!

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… I am proud of my 100 blog entries and to the wonderful people who share my little Line + Liv world with me and enriched by love emails and comments…  when I started my blog in March I had no idea how many nice people and contacts I will encounter with this work. These contacts and the wonderful help of my little girl and my Peter let me go on every day…

… … I call more than 300 readers a day (surely others have much much more!) and I am pleased with everyone who day after day to come.

… … I am also happy for the future about any criticism, suggestion, story or idea, of any mail, question and notice of any wish!

… I want to say THANK YOU and share a little present with you. One of you can win a magical doll by sophie&lili (modell of your choice) and a seasonal wall stickers by mae (season of your choice).

+++ who wants to participate please leave a comment til Sunday the 15th. Good Luck and look forward to sharing this present with you!