I would like to invite you no. 3

Kellie Smits from Buisjes en Beugels

The designer Kellie Smits founded 2005 the wonderful “slightly different” kids wear label Buisjes En Beugels + + +… a cheeky and fresh kid´s fashion, slightly unconventional but always wearable. Kellie lives with her husband and 2 sons in Rotterdam. 2009 Kellie was chosen – because of her great success with BB + + + – by Viva400 to one of the most successful women in the Netherlands. Look forward to a little X-mas trip with her…

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+++ What is so special for you at the Advent and Christmas time?

When I had no kids I never liked X-mas, but now I like it very much, because it’s a warm period with a special atmosphere which speaks to the kids imagination. So I like it to decorate and create stuff together with my kids. And I like to make special food with them.

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+++ Do you have a Christmas tradition?

Since we have kids we have the tradition to visit the 2nd x-mas day a theatre show. On the first day we always go to our family.

+++ Do you have a Christmas style?


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+++ What is your favorite memory as a child  about Christmas ?

My best memory is the X-mas show I ice-skated in when I was a little girl. I was a motivated ice-skater and love to do shows, especially in X-mas style!

+++ When you place on your Christmas tree and how it is (he) decorated?

I place it around the 15th of December and it is a totally non styled tree, with all kind of balls, little puppets, paper-folded objects in it. No concept just hang in what you like. The fuller the better!

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+++ What do you do on Christmas Eve.?

 Nothing special…I am sorry ;-) watch a good movie I guess.. 

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Dear Kellie, I am so so happy that you share you little Christmas world with us … thank you and all the best for you and your family.