we would like to invite you no.9

mae from Australia

Behind the magic label mae from Ausstralien stands the three wonderful women Peta, Emily and Rebekah. They design and produce beautiful and cheerful wall stickers in many lovely designs. Mae comes from Stoker siding on the beautiful east coast of Australia…

…comes with us on a a little Christmas story from the summer in Australia…

mae 3

+++ What is so special for you at the Advent and Christmas time?

This is Mae’s first Christmas, so it is a very exciting time for us! It is a great learning experience and gives us an excuse to do fun stuff, like make pretty wrapping paper to download FREE from our website!

+++ Do you have a Christmas tradition?

Spend the day with family of course. Give and get lots of presents, eat lots of food and get too much sun. Spend too much money!

mae 4

+++ Do you have a Christmas style?

Not too traditional, very pretty and fun! As it is summer in Australia, we’re decorating this year with sky blue, cream, lime green, red, florals and polka dots. This suits our tastes much better than plastic pine leaves and oh, don’t get me started on tinsel!

+++ What is your favorite memory as a child  about Christmas ?

Being allowed to open one present on Christmas Eve! And water fights at Christmas lunch. Of course it would be lovely to have a white Christmas, but nothing beats a big family barbeque by the water on Christmas day.

mae 1

(mae Christmas tree)

+++ When you place on your Christmas tree and how it is (he) decorated?

The Christmas tree goes up on the 1st of December (although we are opening our shop very soon and may have to make it a little earlier). It has birds and candy canes, patterned leaves and lots of presents underneath!

mae 6

+++ What do you do on Christmas Eve.?

Last minute shopping! A family dinner, then get to bed as early as possible to prepare for being woken up at sunrise by the little ones!

mae mae logo

My dear Three , thanks for your little trip through your Christmas World … I send you all love and wintery wishes for Christmas and a happy New Year.