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… in 2010 comes Liv to school and I will be 40, in 2010 Peter wants to finally kiting and Pauline would like to make one day just what she wants, in 2010 I will buy myself a MacBook and Liv wants one days time to be all alone with me, in 2010 I would like visit Copenhagen and Liv London!!!, in 2010 we want to sail again and make only our own ice cream, in 2010 Molly wants to talk quite a lot and Liv wants to lear unicycling, in 2010, Pauline simply wants to be happy and Peter clean uo his metal workshop, in 2010 I am looking forward to  to many new discoveries and old friends…

…a few days ago told me a dear client in the gallery: “Wiebke, when I am sad, I read your blog and am equally happy again” … a wonderful motivation for me to continue…

…a happy and healthy 2010 to you all!