spring with Anne

… with full force the winter came back over night. I could never have dreamed that I would even say: I WILL NO LONGER!



I miss my little friend the wren, I miss my Latte Macchiato in the street café, I miss my girls – face down on the ground – saying Hello to the first knops, I miss dry feet in my Converse, I miss my freckles and much much more…

To warm our hearts a little, I have invited a few lovely women from my blog world and asked them to share their spring feelings with us.

Anne Postrach is online editor of the wonderful children’s magazine LUNA, but for me much more “Sachensucherin” and therefore ”soul mates”. Inspirient, happy, loving are her blog posts on LUNAmag and always worth reading, just like her spring feelings:

Bild 2

Which flower and what feelings means to you the Spring?

It is a big job to decide which flower means ‘Spring’ for me, because somehow I like them all, the small, delicate, the snooty, slender and plump,robust. Perhaps I adore the one or other flower a little bit more – for anemones for example, or white tulips, but around me, I’d like to have them ALL (yes, for flowers I develop delusions of grandeur).

In the spring I dig up new courage and my bike, smiling dreamily over milk foam and find myself in constant hum- loudly – in the office and passers-by in the face.

Dear Anne, thank you for your love happy spring thoughts. I like to think of you again.