… spring with Elisabeth

… Sunday was the beginning of spring and with him came back the sun, my friend the wren, lemon butterflies streetcalk and pure luck…

…I feel this is also on the sides of Elisabeth Dunker ‘s blog fine little day, in which she share with us her daily live with her family, so magical sweet as a bag of candy.

Together with the artist Camilla Engmann she share the  Studio Velvet in Gothenburg… and soon, you can see these wonderful works by Line+Liv.


(Elisabeth´s daughter Tovalisa)

Which flower and what feelings means to you the Spring?

For me spring is more like the earth returns to it’s verdant state with lots of garden flowers in bloom than one specific flower. Spring is hope.

Kära Elisabet, jag var så glad att du har delat din VÅRKÄNSLOR med oss. Tusend tak!.