Schneeflocken 1

Schneeflocken 3

Schneeflocken 4

Schneeflocken 6

… for these sugary snow globes you need:

+ + + 250g Acacia Honey

+ + + 200g unpeeled almonds

+ + + 400g white chocolate

+ + + Coconut flakes for decoration

1. Boil the unpeeled almonds in water, so you can easily remove the peel. Slowly heat the honey and add the peeled almonds and simmer everything for about 2 minutes… let cool slightly.

2. The mass chop with a food processor… it creates a musig pulp. From this pulp in little balls.

3. Melt the white chocolate in a water bath and pull the balls through the chocolate and then roll in coconut

…. the balls are as sweet as sugar candy. After drying, they can be easily cut into small quarters and delicious taste to the hot chololate and coffee.