I would like to invite you no. 2

Jenna Park von Whimsy&Spice

… I am very proud and so happy to show you today a little journey through the Christmas moments by Jenna Park. Jenna and her husband Mark live with their two lovely daughters in Brooklyn, NYC. In 2008 the two Creative founded Whimsy & Spice  - a line for handmade delights.

 In her wonderful blog  sweet find day  Jenna told little stories from everyday life around her family, her projects and her life in New York.


+++ What is so special for you at the Advent and Christmas time?

I love the way New York City gets dressed up for the holidays. It seems no matter where you look, there are twinkling lights that sparkle against the building and night time sky. Trees are decorated, shop windows are festive. It’s hard not to feel happy around this time of year.

Jenna 2

+++ Do you have a Christmas tradition?

The girls and I  make hand cut paper snowflakes every year and we decorate the house with them. 

Jenna 3

+++ Do you have a Christmas style?

I like decorations that are simple and we always get a live tree. I didn’t have a live Christmas tree growing up so it is always still a treat!

+++ What is your favorite memory as a child about Christmas ?

We used to have a big party with our extended family – aunts, uncles and cousins. It was quite fun. Sadly, we rarely do this anymore.

Jenna 4

+++ When you place on your Christmas tree and how it is (he) decorated?

I usually buy 1 special ornament a year after Christmas is over and have been doing this a number of years so we have quite a few pretty things to put on our tree. We also string cranberries every year into garlands, hang candy canes and the girls and I make ornaments with cookie dough, glitter and string.

+++ What do you do on Christmas Eve.?

Because of our buisness, last year we just collapsed and did nothing but hang out with the kids. This year we will still working on Christmas Eve as our last day of our holiday markt season ends on the 24th. When we pack, I´m sure we will just crawl into bed. Maybe we will have a glass of wine to celebrate the ending of another holiday season!

Jenna 5 Jenna logo

Dear Jenna, thank you, that you have shared your world with us. Give my love to your charming family.