we would like to invite you no.6

Su Rahtjen / Production and Styling

Su Rahtjen designs as a freelance stylist for magazines unusual ideas for productions of fashion and home shoots. She lives with her 2 children, Lina and Johan in a “not quite a classic” house in Hamburg/North Germany.  Spacious rooms, free-standing walls with her own decor, just “different” and I like “different”.

… much joy in these wonderful little moments.

su 8

+++ What is so special for you at the Advent and Christmas time?

Johan (10 years) and Lina (12 years) singing in the largest school choir in Germany. The school choir has two concerts each year at a packed St. Michaelis church, where the children fill the church with beautiful music and there bell-like voices. We get tears in our eyes and a very warm Christmas spirit in our hearts.

…and of course baking cookies. Here you see Johan with homemade cinnamon stars:Su 1       

+++ Do you have a Christmas tradition?

Each family member will receive an Advent calendar. Needless to say that I would like one too. The children have decorated a carton – which has previously kept securely 24 jars - and now he stands like a small seed box on the windowsill. The funny thing: The calendar is filled each day with a gift, because the two have the gift never previouslycompleted.

Su 3

+++ Do you have a Christmas style?

Of course I’m a big fan of Christmas, because then I can decorate, so to speak officially, without which one it bothers. My style is more classical. The dominant colors are red and pink. The decorations are very striking.

For example, the Christmas wreath: He is tied with fir branches. With a diameter of 50 centimeters, he has been a real eye-catcher. We hang it on the table in the living room with a red ribbon from the ceiling, including a huge platter with big Christmas balls.

Su 5

+++ What is your favorite memory as a child  about Christmas ?

Ha … as our decorated tree fell down. Neither the tree or we were to blame. It was the cat that ran high in the tree. Everything broke. No Christmas ball remained entirely. Out of desperation, we have cut paper garlands of simple white paper. Since I know that white jewelry lokks wonderful in a dark fir.

+++ When you place on your Christmas tree and how it is (he) decorated?

One week before Christmas Eve the children and I go into the forest, armed with axes, saws and heavy gloves. We look at ourselves once all the trees, discussing what a crutch and what is really well-grown and can celebrate with us.

The evening before Christmas Eve we pull out all the boxes of Christmas decorations. Year after year is it a great joy. We have great homemade gingerbread deocrated with old wafers and frosting. The Gingerbread now hold for six years. Every year we add new gingerbread.

Su 7

+++ What do you do on Christmas Eve.?

Christmas Eve begins when we sit in the church. There will be presented the classic nativity play. The special feature of this production is running a real donkey by the church. Of course, all kids want to touch and caress the donkey,

Last year, the donkey has made in our church and he makes a huge stink the last half hour:).

Once home, there we will punch and cake and then comes the big moment and the gifts are presented. We have a tradition that we enjoy each gift. So, it’s always the time to unpack only one turn. Why does it take two to three hours.

Our food is fish in salt crust. At the latest when Johan gets the hammer then everybody knows, now is the time for table.


Dear Susanne, I thank you from my heart for this charming and cheerful trip through your holiday season. Much love and all best for you and your loved ones for 2010.