Let them eat cake


From the beginning I was thrilled and excited about Let them eat cake, the very exciting young label from Bath in England. In the summer of this year the designer Felicity Lynch fulfilled her dream and founded the Children’s Label Let them eat cake.

Her unique designs are sewn by hand, which I think is quite wonderful and supportive. She combines in her collection beautiful and rare vintage fabrics with modern lines. Small fine pieces of silk, pure wool, such as a portable work of art, deliberately staged, lovable, with a hint of decadence – in a positive sense!

… we are very happy and very proud that the first package for Line + Liv was already packed and on its way to us… rejoice with!

let 2 let 3

let 6 let 4

… tomorrow Felicity takes us here by Line+Liv on a little Christmas  journy “I would like to invite” … come back please and enjoy!