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Felicity Lynch by Let them eat cake

Today I will take you on a magical journey with Felicity Lynch from Let them eat cake, the wonderful new children’s label from England. Felicity lives with her husband and children in the beautiful Bath, near Bristol, England. There designs and manufactures the talented woman a unique mix of styles, made of the finest cuts, fabrics, vintage … a touch of wearable haute couture for kids…

…rejoice for a few shining moments…

felicity 5

+++ What is so special for you at the Advent and Christmas time?

Most people complain about the cold at Christmas time but I love it! I love how cosy it is at home and I am blessed enough to live in a beautiful city so I love to do Christmas shopping in the dark with all the pretty Christmas lights. Christmas for me is a time of reflection and a time to take stock of the year, it’s also a magical time for the children , especially when they do their Christmas plays…very cute!

felicity 3

felicity 8

+++ Do you have a Christmas tradition?

To cover the Christmas tree in chocolates and make sure they get eaten at least 2 weeks before Christmas! I also love the Christmas films that come out every year, it’s all part of the fun. I absolutely love the book “the snowman” listening to the soundtrack always gets me in the mood for Christmas

+++ Do you have a Christmas style?

I love to indulge in the colour white at Christmas time, to make the house look like it’s been covered in a blanket of snow, there are so many beautiful ways decorate the home without having to use colour, I love to have Lot’s of candles and soft lights everywhere. My house is always so full of people and children that it’s nice to keep the decorations simple.

felicity 6

+++ What is your favorite memory as a child  about Christmas ?

I was a very imaginative child and I loved to spend hours outdoors playing and dressing up, I always loved to enter into the spirit of Christmas and I would be excited about the big day for the whole of December! I am the youngest of 5 and we would all have to take our pillow cases down on Christmas eve and in the morning they would be full of presents… Also my mum is a keen knitter, so we always had homemade stockings full of treats.

felicity 1

+++ When you place on your Christmas tree and how it is (he) decorated?

The tree is always in the dining room and this year I bought a little Bengal kitten for the children as an early Xmas present so we have to keep him out of there as he likes to try and destroy it!

felicity 10

+++ What do you do on Christmas Eve.?

I live opposite a lovely old church and I always go to midnight mass on Christmas eve and we always let the children open a present each before they go to bed!

let felicity 9

Dear Felicity, I want to say thank you so so much for your wonderful Christmas tour. You’ve warmed my heart. I wish you and your family a lovely Christmas and a wondeful 2010.