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Salloa Lange Rönnau by the PR Agency Rönnau

A jet-black curly hair, happy, fresh and articulate… my dear friend Salloa has fulfilled  several years ago a dream and founded a PR Agency… Salloa creates with a lot of humor, skill and talent to organize a balancing act between work and home. Salloa lives with her husband and 2 – also very happy – children in Flensburg/North Germany.

…comes with us on a wonderful little journey through Salloas Christmas season…

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+++ What is so special for you at the Advent and Christmas time?

I like the fact that all our family members are at home between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day and we do not have to stick to any appointments. The atmosphere of Christmas arises, when we sit cozily at home, play games, eat cakes and toss up, who makes a new café au lait or who picks up the box with games from the wardrobe.


+++ Do you have a Christmas tradition?

On 24 December we go to the church and gaze the chorus. I like the nativity play best. The next best is the Bach-chorus of the kids. It is great when the leader of the chorus, Matthias Janz, supports the boy chorister with his “very dark voice” and the clear and sonorous “…gloo-rii-aa, gloo-rii-aa…”, because the boys’ voices are still as clear as a bell. Afterwards we go home with these sounds in our minds and we sing gigglingly “gloo-rii-aa”. Subsequently we have a festive dinner – often we eat goose, but we like duck too. Additionally, we hand over the gifts during the evening. That is a very exciting moment and often it is quite difficult to keep calm.

+++ Do you have a Christmas style?

I prefer the pure Scandinavian style. Therefore, our table is decorated rather unspectacularly but very festively: White table cloth, white plates, silverware, simple glasses, some fir branches and stars, made out of straw. That is all.

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+++ What is your favorite memory about Christmas in your childhood?

Once, I looked into the living room of my grandparents through the keyhole. That was exactly the right moment. The Christmas tree shone, the presents lay under the tree and nobody was visible. And then, I saw the most beautiful dolls pram I could think of. I had the certainty that my wish came true. That was wonderful.

+++ When do you set up your Christmas tree and how is it decorated?

We decorate our Christmas tree in the evening before Christmas Eve.  Traditionally, we choose and cut down this tree by ourselves. Afterwards, we hear Christmas music and decorate the tree with stars and bright crystal balls. Some silver angles were added, when our children were born. We only use real, dark, red candles with silver candlesticks, which have balls as counterweights. Therefore, our candles always stand up straight.

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+++ What do you do on Christmas Eve?

When it is time to hand over the presents, the bell of an angle rings. This takes terribly long of course. Mostly we use this wait to read books. When the final time came, the Christmas tree shines glamorous and the children are speechless. After this short period of rest the atmosphere becomes spectacular, excited and loud. All gifts are unwrapped separately and one by one. However, the unwrapping ends with a great mess.  But afterwards everything becomes quite again. Than it is time for playing games.

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Dear Salloa, I thank you from my heart that you have shared your little Christmas world with us. I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas and a happy 2010 (I’m looking forward to Copenhagen).